Products – tailored design for customers


We produce parts for cars, such as casings for electronic control systems for air-bags and EPS, parts for car seats, seat belts etc. We provide our customers with pressed parts and we also produce welded components. Due to our highly efficient ultrasound washing technology, all the parts we deliver have undergone a full degreasing and cleaning process . The material we use for our production is supplied to us by European and Japanese suppliers.

Home electronics

We produce back panels and inner metal components for televisions. We pay special attention particularly to the production of television back covers, which are visible and hence the requirements for their perfect appearance are especially high. For the production of the back covers, we use electro-galvanised black material from European and Japanese suppliers.

Air-conditioning units

We produce metal components for interior and exterior air-conditioning units. We produce components for external use, where a higher number of metal parts are used, such as the metal casings for units used at home or in offices. We also produce casings for the cassette types of air-conditioning units that are installed on the ceilings after assembly at the customer’s place of business. We use predominantly material from European suppliers.